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I took this meme to do for Tegomass ^^ I really wish for them to come back!

The 2009 Tegomass Come Back Meme

1. Why do you want Tegomass to come back to Sweden in 2009?
I want them to come back because when they were here the first time I wasn't a fan of them yet. But I started to listen to their songs for about  one year ago, and I really fell in love with their kind of music and the cuteness. So it would be like a dream come true to see them live and sing with them.

2. If you were to promote Tegomass to those poor people who are not fans yet, what kind of slogan would you use? What would you write on your notebook, or shout out to puzzled passers-by, or use as the title of your blog, or write on the fridge for unconvinced parents and/or siblings to see?
I would sing and play the music for the people who don't know them and tell them about all the great things about these two boys.

3. Their debut single featured the keyed fiddle and a classic 'dansband/schlager' sound. Just how 'Swedish' are Tegomass? Could Sweden be considered their second homeland?
I don't know. I don't really get a swedish feeling of Tegomass but I don't listen to swedish music at all so maybe this isn't the right question for me to answer. But since they both like sweden they could consider sweden as their second homeland right?

4. If you could send a message to Tegomass, what would you say?
I would tell them how much we want them to come back and that the swedish fans really really love Tegomass.

5. Did you go to the 2006 Misou Soup release in Stockholm?
No, I didn't even know who they were at that time. I really regret that.. But if that would happen now, I would definitely be there!

6. Which is your favourite Tegomass song? Why?
My favourite must be Kiss~ kaerimichi no love song. Because that song just makes me so happy and brings back many happy memories.

7. Favourite Tegomass video?
Kiss~ kaerimichi no love song again. I love the song and the video.

8. Describe your dream 2009 Tegomass Swedish Fan Event. Where/what would they perform? Would there be handshaking? Dancing? Confetti? Let your imagination run wild! :D
Performing in Stockholm would be great right? Since they seem to like that place already. I would love if they sang Kiss~ of course, it would probably make me cry of happiness. Handshaking would be nice, I can't imagine how it would feel to actually see them and be able to talk to them for real. I don't really know how and where I want them to be, as long as they're here in sweden, singing with us, I'm as happy as I can be. I would be walking around with the biggest smile ever for months after.