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Right now I'm in a really good mood! I just ate dinner and now I'm listening to nice music and I'm just enjoying my life for once! I love this feeling! It feels like nothing can go wrong today, it's a really.. How should I describe it.. pleasant feeling? Anyway, I'm relaxed!
I went shopping with a friend today and I had a really great time! Thanks Ida! <3 I actually bought something useful! ^.^V Instead of like.. candy. Well I actually bought candy too... Soon I'm leaving to take care of my horse! I kind of miss him, in some way. I usually don't feel like that, since I'm seeing him every day. But right now I really have this.. Longing feeling.. I don't know.

Ah, now this song called "Izanaizuki" started playing. It always reminds me of my friend, since that was/is her favourite song by News. I like it too. But it somehow makes me feel.. trapped.. or kind of worried. I don't know why, it just has that effect on me. Okay, I'll stop talking about random stuff now! I think I'm going to grab my pen and draw something, I haven't done that in a long time. And I can't draw at the computer anymore since Photoshop refuses to work!! :'c But well.. I guess I'll just be stuck with paper and pen. Maybe the computer didn't want me to use photoshop all the time. Maybe it got mad.
Anyway! I'll stop writing unnecessary things. Bye!

Take care ^.^/

Aww, I love this song <3 You are my best friend~~

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