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I'm not writing much here at LJ and it feels kind of.. sad. I promised a friend to be more active, so I guess I'll start writing and updating things! ^-^

Right now, I'm at my summer house. It's pretty lonely since I haven't got any friends near. Well, next Thursday my friend will come here, but until then I'm alone. Since I haven't much to do besides sunbathing or walking my dog, I've started to write fanfics again! ^-^ I gave that up some time ago, but now I've gotten interested in writing again and I'm really excited to write something! I wrote a Ryo/Ohkura fic today ^.^V But that was actually just something I did to clear my mind and put my own feelings down on paper. It turned out kind of depressive and I want to write something.. cute! Something.. fluffy ^-^ If there are any ideas or requests, please comment! I'll be glad to recieve some inspiration!

I miss my tablet ;___; I'm not only in the mood to write fics, I also really, really wants to draw, like.. bad. I want to draw some cute KoyaShige pic or something including all Eito Rangers. Now I came to think about Ryo and his new drama! I watched the first episode and it was really, really, really, totally wonderful!!! I love it! And he's great, I love his character! Such a kind personality, it makes me happy~~
Unlike Sousuke, this one was so... honest and generous and caring and just... lovely! I'm looking forward to the next episode, really ^-^

Now I think I'm going to get out and walk my dog. Because really, I need to get some fresh air. Sitting in my bed all day becomes boring in the long run.

Take care ^.^/

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