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Okay. I finished the second chapter of this fanfic a very long time ago. But I didn't like it, so I didn't want to upload it XD
But here it is, finally. Anyway.. ENJOY!

Crazy little thing called love
Pairing: Koyato, TegoPi (more to come)
Rating: PG-13
 Tegoshi is still missing and nobody knows where he is. Koyama and Yamapi have some problems with their feelings. I really don't know what to write ;_____; 
...Read! 8D

A couple of days passed by and nobody could understand where Tegoshi was. They were all really concerned and worried. The police had been trying to search after him but it was like he had disappeared totally from the world.

Koyama was at Shige’s apartment eating ice cream and trying to figure out where Tegoshi could be. He had a paper in front of him where he had written down possible reasons for his lost. He stared out in the air, thinking and sucking on his ice cream. Shige was working with his school work and suddenly looked up from his books with a sigh.

“This is so frustrating. I don’t understand where he is.”

“Maybe he left us. For some reason..” Koyama didn’t move his eyes.

“Why would he? He has no reason. That’s not like him.” Shige put his pencil down and scratched his head. Koyama’s ice cream had started to melt and some of it dripped down on the table. Shige raised his eyebrows and looked at the white spot. Koyama didn’t notice anything; he was still staring at the empty air in front of him with wide eyes.

“Um.. Your ice cream.” Shige pointed and Koyama finally took his eyes from the spot.

“Huh?.. Oh! I’m sorry!” He looked after something to clean it up with and Shige sighed again.

“I’ll get it.” He got up from the chair and went to get some paper.

“Sit still. You’ve got some on your face.” Shige put one hand on Koyama’s shoulder and leaned forward against him.

“W..what?” Koyama felt his heart beating faster and blushed when Shige wiped away some ice cream from his cheek.

“There you go.” Shige smiled and wiped up the ice cream from the table and then threw away the dirty paper. Koyama’s cheeks were still red and he tried to calm himself down and breathe slower. What did just happen? Why did he react like this? Shige was only helping him to wipe away some ice cream, which he had done so many times before. Why was Koyama feeling like this? Why now?

“What’s up with you? Is it warm in here? You’re all red.”

“Um.. I.. I.. yeah. It’s a little hot.” Shige laughed, that kind of laugh only Shige could make. It made Koyama feel even warmer and he couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” He got up.

“Want me to follow?”
“EH?!” Koyama turned around staring at Shige who just smiled.
“Take it easy, I’m just kidding!” Koyama nodded, blushing once again. Then he turned around and headed for the bathroom.

While washing his face with cold water, the thoughts rushed through his brain. This was crazy. Why was he feeling like this? Why was he reacting like this? The only time before he experienced feelings like this was when he was in love. And he definitely wasn’t in love, not with Shige. Not with his best friend. He looked at his face in the mirror. Or maybe that was exactly the way it was? Maybe Koyama Keiichiro was falling in love with Kato Shigeaki. He shook his head. No, it couldn’t be that way. He sighed and buried his face in a towel. But if this really was happening to him, he had to stop it. Now. Because a relationship with Shige would never work out. Shige wasn’t even like that, dating guys. He liked girls, he had had many girlfriends before. When the thought of Shige and his girlfriends popped up in Koyama’s head, he suddenly felt another feeling. A feeling he recognized as something that was mixed with anger, sadness and frustration. A feeling he called Jealousy.

The days passed by, Tegoshi didn’t show up and Koyama fell deeper and deeper in love with Shige. He couldn’t even talk properly to him anymore, without blushing. Shige didn’t notice anything, except that Koyama didn’t talk as much as he used to. But that wasn’t really a bother to him. The both of them had decided to watch a movie and met up at Koyama’s apartment one evening.

“What should we watch?” Shige looked in Koyama’s video collection and tried to find a movie. “A horror movie maybe? A really scary one.” Shige looked up and grinned.

“Eh? Horror movie? You don’t like movies like that.”

“Well, you do. And I just felt like seeing something scary for once.”

“Okay.. Sure, we can watch something like that. But are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure! Don’t make me change my mind.” Shige laughed.

They made some popcorn and picked a movie Koyama had seen a couple of times. It was really scary, but since Koyama had seen it so many times, it wasn’t scary to him anymore. Shige hadn’t seen it and was really excited.

“I can’t believe I’m actually getting myself into this!”

“It’s your own fault.”

While watching the movie, the only thing Koyama could think of was Shige being really close. He was totally into the movie and looked fascinated but scared at the same time, in some way.

“Mou, I regret that I said anything about seeing a horror movie. This is really scary.”

He moved closer to Koyama and the older ones heart was racing when their feet touched. Suddenly, a scary monster was appearing on the TV, and Shige jumped.

“KYAAAH!!!” He grabbed Koyama and looked away.

“That was really freaky!” Koyama just smiled, unable to say anything.

“Keii, please can we watch something else?” Koyama sighed and patted Shige on the head.

“Sure.” Shige looked up at him and smiled. His face was so close. Koyama could smell the scent of Shige’ s perfume and shampoo. His dark brown eyes looked directly in to Koyama’s and made his heart melt. His thoughts became a mess and he felt how he blushed once again. Everything was blurry and he tried to say something, but only a strange sound escaped his mouth.

“I.. I.. have to go to the bathroom! You can change the movie.” Koyama got up.

“But, Keii?” Shige looked after him. Wondering why he was reacting like this. Was he mad or something? Or sad?

Koyama was once again washing his face. This had gone too far, he really didn’t want it to be like this. Not with his best friend. He missed the times they could talk about everything and be themselves. When they could goof around and laugh at everything. Now it was just weird. A weird atmosphere, a weird feeling between them. He guessed Shige had noticed by now too. Koyama couldn’t take this anymore; he had to tell someone about his feelings. And the only one he really trusted except Shige was Yamapi.

“Moshi moshi?”

“Hi, it’s me, Koyama. Sorry for calling you so suddenly. But there is something I need to talk to you about.”

“Is it something about Tegoshi? Do you know anything?”

“No, no.. It’s not about that. It’s about me..”

“I see, okay. Well, you can come over now if you want to. I’m free.”
“Tanks. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Koyama was nervous. Nervous about Yamapi’s reaction. Nervous about actually admit these feelings to himself. His hands were shaking a bit when he drove to Yamapi. Thousands of thoughts rushed through his brain and soon he was there, knocking at his door. Yamapi opened with a smile.

“Hi! Come inside.” Koyama followed Yamapi to the living room and sat down in the couch. Yamapi sat down in a chair in front of him and looked at him. Koyama felt a bit more calm, but still scared and nervous.

“Well, what do you want to tell me?” Koyama hesitated. Should he really say this? Maybe it wasn’t a good idea at all.

“Ano… I don’t know, really. It’s kind of hard for me to say.”

“It’s okay. Just take your time and try to explain.” Koyama didn’t know how or what to say. He just sat there, staring at Yamapi who just looked at him with a smile. He nodded. Koyama took a deep breath and said it. Straight out, the words he had kept inside his head for such a long time.
“I think I’m in love with Shige.” He had said it. The first time loud, and it sounded even weirder than it had done in his head. But it felt good. It felt really good. Yamapi just sat there, looking at him. His smile had disappeared. He looked really serious and Koyama became scared again. Why did Yamapi look all serious suddenly? Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything. Of course he shouldn’t have said anything. He had just said that he was in love with Shige. That he, Koyama, was in love with Shige. Of course it was weird. Why did he think Yamapi would react in a good way? Koyama opened his mouth to say something, but kept silent.
“I see…” Yamapi finally said and looked down. He laughed quietly and Koyama raised his eyebrows. Wait, was something funny? He looked questioning at Yamapi, not knowing what to say.

“I’m in the same situation, you see.” Koyama’s eyes widened and he stared and Yamapi. Was he in love with Shige too?! He felt a big relief that he didn’t say anything about him being weird, but felt really confused.
“What do you mean?” Yamapi looked up and met his eyes.

“I’m in love with Tegoshi-kun.” Then there was silence. The two of them just sat there. Looking at each other. Koyama didn’t know what to say, Yamapi just smiled. A minute or two passed, and then Yamapi broke the silence.
“I know if this feels weird for you. But since you told me about Shige, I thought maybe it was okay for you to know about me too. Am I wrong? You’re looking scared.” Yamapi laughed.

“No no, I’m fine, it’s okay. You just shocked me, that’s all. Wow, it’s kind of freaky we’re in the same situation ne.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

The boys sat there, not knowing what to say. Opening their moths and then closing them again. Koyama started laughing.

“I really don’t know what to say! You really shocked me. I mean, I’ve wanted to tell this to someone for such a long time, and I finally did. And now you’re telling me you’re in the same situation. It’s kind of.. funny.” Yamapi nodded and laughed.

“Yeah, it is. But anyway. Did you just want to tell me or do you need help with this?“

Koyama nodded.
“Well… I don’t know what to do, since I’m pretty close to Shige all the time, it’s pretty hard for me.”

“I understand that. Well, either you could tell him about your feelings, or just forget about it. That’s what you have to choose between.”

“I want to tell him. But I know that he doesn’t feel the same way, and I’ll just be sad.”

“But maybe you should tell him anyway? Then he’ll understand why you act strange sometimes and can help you to get over him. In some way. And he won’t feel weird about it. It’s Shige, he’ll be cool.”

Koyama nodded slowly.
“Maybe… I’ll think about it. But, you’re in love with Tegoshi? How did that happen? Or, when? Does he know?”

“No.. He doesn’t know. And I’ve been in love with him since a long time ago. Maybe for about three years?”

“Wow, that’s a pretty long time ne. Why haven’t you told him?”

“I don’t’ know. I’m pretty bad at things like this, confessing and stuff.” Yamapi looked down and faced the floor instead of Koyama.

“And now he’s gone…”

Koyama got up from the couch and put his arms around his friend in a warm embrace.

“We’ll find him. I know we will, okay?”

“I hope so…”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Massu was probably the one who was most affected by that Tegoshi was missing. He couldn’t sleep properly, he didn’t want to eat and the others couldn’t talk normally to him anymore. It was like he was in his own world all the time. He was really slow and soon everybody got really irritated. But they didn’t say anything; they understood why he was like this.

It was pretty late, and Massu was coming home from work. He was tired and felt like he had no powers left at all. He just dropped his bag on the floor and fell down on the couch and closed his eyes. His head hurt and he let a deep sigh escape his mouth. He sat like that, with closed eyes for a long time. Suddenly he remembered that he hadn’t checked the mailbox and got up to go outside. After looking through the mail he started open letters and the most of it were bills. When he got to the last letter he stopped for a second, staring at the paper with a wrinkle on his forehead. It looked as if the person had been stressing to write it and when he started reading he felt as if his heart stopped beating. His eyes widened and his heart started to beat faster. “We’ve got your friend. We want 20000000 Yen or else we’re gonna kill him.” Massu stared at the picture which was glued to the paper under the text. It was a picture of Tegoshi. Tied up in a dark room on the floor, looking dirty and beaten up. His clothes were torn and it looked like he was crying. What was he supposed to do? Was this a joke? This only happened in movies, right? No one did this for real. Massu watched his own tears dripping down and making the letter wet. He wanted to scream, beat the guys up, the guys who had done this to Tegoshi. His Tegoshi, his best friend. He just sat there, in chock, crying brutally for a couple of minutes, before his brain started to work normally again. He had to do something. Now. He grabbed his cell phone and dialled Yamapi’s number while his fingers were shaking.

“Moshi moshi?”


“Yes? Is it you, Massu? I’m kind of busy right now, I’m with Koyama. Is it something important?”

“I got a letter. Tegoshi is kidnapped, they’re going to kill him.”

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