October 8th, 2009

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Okay so this is a oneshot I wrote for [info]miruiki ^.^ I'm kind of worried about her since there was a typhoon attacking the place where she lives :'o I hope you're okay dear~~<33 And I hope you’ll like the fic! I’m sorry for not writing something longer and more interesting, but I’m totally out of ideas XD So this is what I came up with after…  a couple of days of thinking. Something really short and simple. And this is the first time I’m writing Ryoda x_____x

So here’s finally the fic Shi-chan! <33 And please let me know if you’re okay ;____;

In public
Pairing: Ryoda
Rating: PG
Author: Me
Summary: Ryo confessed to Ueda and got rejected. But Ueda suddenly changes his mind...?
Crappy summary, sorry XD But I really don’t know what to write ^^’’

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